Wednesday, March 21, 2012

about my blog

I wanted to take this time to share with the readers what sets my blog apart from the others. I admire the blogs I find most frequently on the internet written by women who are newlyweds. They usually write about their pregnancy, children, fashion, DIY, and of course their husbands. As I am pregnant, and a former art student I can definitely cover two of those things. Fashion – not so much considering I have never had the perfect body to wear the things I think are amazing, and haven’t figured out how to make things look amazing on myself not a size 2. Although some ladies don’t mention their husbands too often, I always wonder to myself how they are able to provide for their families and have such pretty things. Simple there is always a tall-dark and handsome behind these women.

Since expecting I have joined “What to Expect” chat rooms, when I did, I was overwhelmed with the idea of being a single mother -- I was still arguing with the “father” -- I would read the topics that these single mothers would post. They were all so negative, they feared being alone, and they just wanted the person who tears them down to be with them. I will admit I face my feelings all of the time. I am constantly thinking about Laken’s “father,” its hard for me to admit that, but it is even harder to deny it.

However, I know that I am blessed! I have seen so much change in myself, change that I would have never made if I was still by Laken’s “father’s” side or if I wasn’t pregnant. It gets hard sometimes, there are days where I just sort of break down and think about being alone, but then I think of all the great things I do have, and all the people who haven’t left me and then I sky rocket back up! I want to show to all the single women out there that they can be just as fabulous as the “girl who has it all.” We aren’t from two different zip codes, we’re neighbors.

Please don’t take me as a hater of men, or the idea of marriage because I am not opposed to the idea. I have faith that the good Lord will bring a good man into mine and Laken’s life when the time is right. Until then…


  1. Jessica, it's women like you who give courage to other single women out there. Keep up the good work!

  2. You will be such an amazing mother if you keep up this positive attitude. Go Jess!