Friday, February 17, 2012

Nana's Survival Kit

I was wracking my brain for what to get my mother for my baby shower last week. I wanted to make sure that she felt special as well because as a single mom, i will be needing my mom to help me! she is sort of "expecting" too. I was looking up all kinds of survival kits and i mixed ideas together and came up with this...

i bought a storage box from target. it was real cheap, under $5.
i attached a card to explain the contents. i was running out of time so i used a template off of word that was for a thank you card or something. instead of making it a folding card i glued the front and back together, punched a hole and tied ribbon through it to the gift bag. (not shown)
anyway, it reads:
"we are in for a ride and i know you'll be there by my side. this kit will help you help me, because we all know how difficult i can be. in here you'll find some marbles in case we lose any of our own, a candle so you can be my guide, rubber bands to help you stay flexible, tissues for cleaning up those little messes, tooties rolls to remind you of the important "roll" you play, 2 pennies so you'll have enough "cents" to realize how valuable you are. when those things wont get your through a baby sitting session, i have also included 2 pacifiers, 2 handmade burp clothes, extra change of clothes, baby bath, nana's special baby powder, wipes, band-aids, adult ibuprofen, and a tide stain-remover pen. get ready nana... laken is coming!"

i used scrapbook stickers to label the kit: "nana's survival kit" $1 @ walmart.
everything was fairly inexpensive and found in the travel section, baby isles, and just around walmart.

the burp clothes are home made. i used gerbers 3-ply cloth diapers. and followed suit to the ones you will find on google image search "handmade burp clothes." pretty simple.
i found the onesie at walmart for next to nothing and used iron on letters my mom had in her sewing kit.
other than that i didn't go crazy on the pacifiers because babies are a little particular when it comes to those sort of things and i didn't want to spend alot if he isn't even going to use them.

i'm overall satisfied with the gift. i had to read the card to her because she started crying on the first sentence. (wimp..) then i got to the last sentence and balled my eyes out in front of my whole shower! here is that little mother daughter moment.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Man Baby Shower! DIY!!

Finally the baby shower has come and went. I still haven't been able to sit down and read all of my cards. (which is making me sad at the moment again!) however, it was on saturday and i really wanted to get the pictures on my computer because for one i am borrowing the camera and two i would like to print them out and send 'em with my thank you cards! i haven't been able to post about my shower, because i wanted to keep everything a surprise from everyone who was coming. i really enjoyed myself, it was overwhelming, but i felt that it went really well! i will always remember my first babies shower and all the hard work that my aunts, mother, sister, grandmother, and myself put into it. here is some eye candy with a little bit of descriptions on where i got the ideas. there are tons of great websites out there that can help you come up with ideas and once you've kind of got an idea... your best friend turns into google! "how to make a cloth diaper" "baby shower table displays" "bowtie napkins" which that one didn't help me at all at all!!

welcome table

I was able to find the tree online. It was originally from a wedding guest book, but i had to have it for my baby shower. i originally wanted me brother to draw me one, but time was ticking so i had to find one online! One Fab Day I took off the heart and added my own type treatment.
my aunt teresa is so creative, (she is the lady that got me into arts and crafts!). She is modest about it now, but she put together the AWESOME bookworm cake! She knew what my theme was and i showed her the book worm i was using... she ran with it and i think it is better than anything i could ask for! She used Styrofoam balls and socks! so awesome!
the letter, which were painted mustard yellow in the beginning were repainted 30 minutes before the shower, by me... in my PJs! I found these letters for cheap at Hobby Lobby!
I love love love my gift idea. I wanted to give a seed something you will watch grow! so it was perfect. Laken will be born in April so we went with the april flower... daisies! I came up with the idea of how i wanted the gifts to look and created the label... i then had my aunt Teresa and my mother put them together! They look amazing! And I think everyone liked the idea.
the table dwindled down as the gifts were given as prizes and the party favors were taken by the guests.

table displays

I was worried the whole time about these table displays. I see on the internet all these fabulous displays with fresh flowers, beautiful candles, and expensive party favors. I was dreading this looking unattractive! I took ideas from here and there. I saw on a shower from bumpsmitten a diaper napkin and i thought that that would be GREAT to put a game booklet in! Although there isn't a tutorial online on how to make diaper displays... my aunt Kathy and I (more so her) figured it out! I think they looked adorable!
As a graphic designer I couldn't just have printed out pass out games... I made a babyshower game booklet! I had to! Thanks to my typography 2 class i was able to learn how to make a book.
the centerpieces were something that i had found online. Yarn on dowel rods. I ordered the mustaches on etsy to make the yarn balls into little man faces! let me just tell you... wrapping yarn on a ball isn't as simple as you'd think. sort of frustrating!

food table

The food was prepared by my Maw Maw, my mother, and my aunt kathy. I wanted it to look great so i made labels for everything. I sat there one night for an hour or two making those little toothpick flags. I cut them and glued them. Took a while for something that is just thrown away, but I wanted them to look cute!
When i was ordering the mustaches for the centerpieces i saw that they also sold straws with mustaches on them... when i had tons and tons more staches left i ended up punching holes in the remaining staches and putting them on bendy straws like the ones they were selling! cheap, easy, fun! the guest loved how they looked like they were wearing mustaches while drinking. too cute!

cravings table

i wanted to be a little funky and have a cravings table.. i kind of went off the wall with this table. i wanted it to be a certain way, but when we got the venue the table was oversized, and the display wasn't as amazing as i'd of liked it to be! I wanted to have little peanuts for my peanut, ready to pop - popcorn, and pickles - because every pregnant girl craves pickes (which i am not one of them). there was also powdered donuts... something i treat myself to every thursday morning before work! i love 'em!
Since we were doing the flower pots as gifts we ran the them into the desert... dirt cake! it was a perfect tie into the worms for the bookworm table!

ABC book making table, as well as book donations

instead of having a wish you well or little paper cut outs, i decided to make an ABC book for both laken and myself. It turned out so great! I loved what people wrote. I bough a scrap book at Hobby Lobby, designed the cover, and tabbed pages for everyone to choose a letter of choice. i left stickers and stencils and instructions for them to follow!
I had a basket of gummy worms that I called "bookworms" for people to take as a little gift for donating/making the book.

onesie table

I have seen onesie making tables done before and they have come out great... we gave it a shot, i wish that i would have provided iron on letters. the ladies grabbed markers from the book table, but they didn't read that they are washable markers! trial and error, basically!

I have always wanted a photobooth at my dream wedding... well... i am not getting married anytime soon, and i don't have a budget for one. However i wanted to take the typical pictures of the preggers with the cake and the hosts away and give something for the guests to enjoy as well. I came up with the idea of how i'd like it to look, and since i can't stand up on a chair my sister put the streamers up. real simple, real inexpensive. I borrowed the camera and tripod. I can't believe i still don't own my own SLR camera! I got my cousin jesse to come to the shower and snap pictures when i wasn't able to.
i was my own photographer at my shower with a little help from the two guys that went... but i wanted the pictures to be decent, and bless both jesse's and josh's heart... but the pictures that i didn't take didn't come out so well. lol.

i couldn't of done any of this without the help of my aunts, mother, sister, and maw maw. they are a powerful bunch! and i am very blessed! I am also so grateful for everyone who came and showered laken and myself with such wonderful gifts. it truly is a blessing!!