Monday, June 17, 2013

Eulogy and Letter to My Daddy from his "Sweetness"

In honor of Father's Day, I would like to share the Eulogy/Letter that a dear friend of the family, Carla Jay - an "Honorary Rogers" as my dad named her, read at my Father's funeral June 4th.

May 31, 2013 – the day my whole world stopped. Four days have passed, but I still feel as numb as I felt when my mom told me the news. I listen to her trying to understand the tragedy that I, myself, am still trying to figure out.

They say everything happens for reason, and God has blessed me with spurts of reasoning through these passed couple days. Although this is hard, and I know it will get harder before It gets better. I’m at least born into a strong united family.

Last month I stood in front of a crowd of people like this speaking from a confused heart spitting out a mess of things I wanted to say about my Paw Paw. One of the things I wanted my Paw Paw to know was how proud he’d be of my dad.

After months and months of just being sick, my dad has really turned things around and stepped back into the role of a leader and has done great things for my Paw Paw’s shop. Up until his last breath he was a hardworking man. I don’t want that to go unnoticed.

These last couple years I have had the privilege to live in the rent house behind my parent’s. My dad cried when I moved away to Austin when I was 18, but I am sure he cried harder when I moved back to Kingsville.

My dad was 54 when the Lord called his son, but looking back I don’t quite believe he lived those years consecutively, because he sure didn’t act his age most of the time.

My relationship with my Dad sure wasn’t like any other Father Daughter relationship that I know. Not even the same as the one my sister and he had. Of course he would tickle us until we peed-a-little just the same, he’d probably pinch the part between our neck and shoulder a-little-too-hard just the same, or “cut” our noses with his rough fingers pretending they were scissors just the same, but our relationship was unique.

It started out great, I was my Dad’s little “sweetness” and he could never do any wrong. My dad always knew the right words to say. I remember when I was younger walking up and down the sidewalk on Stirmen street, I was wearing a denim dress and my mary janes reading a letter my dad wrote me, and how happy it made me feel. My dad was also so creative… he’d draw sacred hearts and flowers, anything to express his love and just to make us feel good. I like to think that I get my creative genes from my father, just like marty and matthew do, too.

I always wanted my dad to be the best man for our family, and I wasn’t afraid of giving him tough love. If I didn’t like what he was doing, I’d sure let him know . Right, Tiffany? However, my dad was just the same. We could be each other’s biggest pains in the butt. Just a couple weeks ago he called me at least 20 times and left me numerous text messages just to annoy me. It worked, but of course I acted like it didn’t, because then he’d win! No sir.

My dad loved to call my phone. Of course I can’t say that I cherish those calls because all he’d say when I answer was, “where’s mom?” Sometimes I wouldn’t even answer the phone… I’d just hand it to my mom and say “It’s Dad.”

My Dad adored my mom. That’s something we really had in common. After work we’d wait on my parent’s community bed and listen for the door. Of course, I’d always be concerned what was for dinner, but not my dad… he’d eat anything. Unless you took a bite of his food… he’d say… “take it! I don’t want it anymore.” OK dad… I just got one fish stick… I don’t want a whole tray full of 40!

My mom loved my dad, so much. We couldn’t do anything without my mom having to get home quicker to be with him. One time my dad was getting so mad at me for not kissing him, but he was all sweaty and gross and it kind of turned my stomach, but there goes my mom.. . taking a big ol wet one from my Dad. Sweaty or not, my dad’s kisses were always wet.

This past year, the time spent with my dad is something that I will always cherish. The day I found out I was pregnant, my dad hugged me and said he was going to be there for me in whatever decision I made. I cried in his arms and knew that I could be a single parent and that I’d have all the help in the world. My dad was a tremendous help with Laken. He started out with 2 dogs, but once he got my son was about to say puppy… My dad was in love.

Last year’s Father’s day card I told my dad he had to get better, because Laken needs him. However, now I think that my dad needed my son. Not that the other grandchildren aren’t as important, because they are, but my son brought joy to my dad’s life when my mom was busy with her family as her dad-my paw paw was sick. It crushes me that my dad will no longer be physically in my son’s life, but I look at my family and know that in spirit he will.

My brother Matthew has always been a reflection of my dad. Just listen to the way his daughters talk about him, I get confused and think they’re talking about my dad! The day my brother, Marty, got into town he slept in my mom’s bed and prayed with her and tried to find her comfort just like my dad would do. I look at these two amazing men and just know that my dad lingers within them. Laken will get to know his granddad through my brothers, and even stories my sister and I can share.

Dad, I am really bummed you’re not here… there is so much food you’re missing out on. Yesterday after dinner I didn’t see the point of bringing home leftovers because there is no one to give them to. Daddy, our lives are going to be turned upside down, and mom and I won’t know what to do. We will get there, but it’s going to be hard. I am going to miss everything about you. Your boxer shorts that are always too lose and have way too many holes, you talking over anything I am trying to listen to, you’re constant need to pull mom into everything…. “Carol, what’d she say?,” your farts that can clear a room, your jobs that linger, your love of music and things you’re passionate about, your ability to surprise me, and overall your company. I just want one more day of the four of us, you, mom, laken, and myself on that community bed… just one more day. I love you so much, and that will never change. I will continue to let Laken know who you are and how much you loved him. We will all try to comfort mom and each other. I love you so much, Power Ranger…. BOOM!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Jesse's Graduation Portraits

My cousin is Graduating, and I was honored to take pictures for him. just a peak.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Jessica's Bridal Shower

Did you know that I am capable of throwing a bridal shower in a span of 5 days! It was kind of difficult trying to cooridinate with the bride for games when she is busy with the actual wedding, but somehow we managed to pull off both!

here are some pictures from Jessica's Bridal Shower.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Laken's shark party!

Pinterest saved my life. Life has been nothing but fast lately. A year has gone by with my baby love, and it feels like it was only yesterday. My son and I have had a fabulous first year together, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. We got to celebrate his birthday this past weekend with ones we love and ones who love him.

These past couple months have been crazy. It feels like it has been non-stop! Going all the way back to Sid’s birthday, then shorty followed by Tiff & Ben’s Wedding, to my birthday, to Jessica’s bridal shower, losing our Paw Paw, Laken’s Birthday, Jessica’s wedding, Paw Paw’s funeral, then lastly Laken’s birthday party.

On the way to go set up for Laken’s party… I was in tears thinking about how much my family has gone through with the tough loss of our paw paw, but we still managed to pull off a beautiful wedding and everything else dealing with his time in the hospital. That man and our maw maw have raised a heck of a family!

Laken’s birthday party was shark themed. Months ago I had looked up a couple things online for ideas for Laken’s birthday, but that was about it. Once it came closer I had it in my head that I would do a shark party, but hadn’t made my moves on getting anything or even making the invitations.

So much was going on that the invitations didn’t get made until the day after laken turned 1, and I still have a stack of invites that didn’t go out. At that point I thought… whoever comes, comes. Whoever doesn’t, doesn’t.

I had 3 days to put it together, and once May 1st (payday) came around I hit the ground running. This is what I came up within 3 days. (Thank you Pinterest for the ideas).

these were put together at last minute. it never dawned on me that i didn't have a centerpiece for the tables. while at the dollar tree i found these buckets and just had to make something work. i think they turned out great. my cousin joslynn helped fill them with sand so they wouldn't fly away.
the shark hats were awesome. probably one of my favorite things made for the party. i saw all different kinds of variations of home made shark hats and this one suited us just fine. my aunt teresa assembled them, and they looked amazing! i copied a party hat i had laying around the house and teresa added the teeth and eyes. totally awesome! ARR!! inspiration
I would have liked the line the backs of the food table and the desert table with something grand, maybe some bunting or pendants, a chalk board, a big ol shark with his mouth open... but 3 days, remember?
there was nothing exciting about the food, except for it filled us up. yum!
of course when i saw this on pinterest, I had to do it. link
stay thirsty my friends.

I tried having baby friendly deserts, because there were alot of younger folks invited. I had yogurt dip frozen bananas (MESSY), vanilla pudding with little sharks in them, red velvet cupcakes with fins... i wanted them to "bleed" when you bit into them. and I had a chum-bucket snack bar. which was all kinds of goldfish. some were the sweet, others were the salty kind.
inspirations: 1-2-3
my aunt teresa made the cupcakes. when she mixed the food coloring with the icing it started to seperate and then the "water" started to look sort of sparkly. i loved they way it turned out. i printed her up some fins. so instead of using fondant, which is the legit thing to do, we used cardstock. lol.
pudding is very kid friends, and an easy snack. I wanted to use the gummy sharks my aunt bought for me to use for the party and this was a hit.

I didn't go out of town to buy anything for the party. I would of loved to have bought buckets to give to the kids to hold their goldfish, but this was something I just pulled out of the air. little black cups with handles, and why not throw a label on it... just so people would get the idea.
if you didn't know the water was shark infested, and i had to warn people. inspiration
the water slide was borrowed from laken's "aunt" sarah! one of my best friends. her family came and set it up and we really enjoyed it.

laken truely enjoyed himself. if you couldn't tell. this little water activity area my mom got him. it is perfect for little babies!
laken got a 2nd birthday song. we sang to him on his birthday and he ate a cupcake his cousin Tiffany and Sid got for him. This time the crowd was a little bit bigger. He's so awesome.

i don't think he is used to so much sugar.

i didn't get really any pictures of laken and his party guests.. i was very much involved in running him around or making sure things were going right. there are plenty of pictures floating around though on peoples cell phone. ha.
defintely a nana's boy. my mom started dancing with him after the party was being picked up. I had to snap a shot.
laken even got to spend some time with maw maw. he got her to crack up. he loves his maw maw. i love my maw maw. she's so strong. ♥

thanks all for coming.... here is your treat bag!

I tried customizing it as much as I could, and kept it all age appropriate. xoxo