Friday, November 9, 2012

october (picture heavy).

We are about two months into fall, and I'm sure somewhere out there the leaves are turning beautiful colors of orange and burgundy, scarves are wrapped around chilled necks and hot cups of tea are enjoyed on porches in the evenings. Well, not here. There is humidity when you go for walks in the mornings, mosquitoes nibbling at your ankles while you walk to the car, and comfort found in an iced cold bottle of water!

Although we have only had a few cold days and its hardly time to trade in the flats for a pair of knee length boots it sure feels like a change is happening in my life. My best friend/brother moved away, Laken is growing into the big-boy baby season, and there is a dawning of a new relationship.

It goes without saying I have become the worst blogger ever… i just haven't had this thing on the fronts of my mind, but i don't want to neglect it. I have beautiful pictures of laken from the beginning of this fake fall season and I'd love to share them on here.

Laken is 6.5 months already, and I can't believe it.

(october 8) Laken as of lately… He eats baby food… he loves sweet potatoes. He gets very distracted when he is eating. He wants to grab everything… i own the wiggliest kid in texas. I have been sticking to giving him the veggies. I have started him with some banana and apple sauce in his cereal, but i don't want to get him hooked to "sugary" things.

He does an army crawl/rolls till he gets where he needs to be. It scares me because he has already fallen off the bed. In my defense, we were at my aunts house where the bed wasn't pushed up against the wall (like it is at our home). Still… VERY SCARY.

He is teething. I can feel teeth buried under his gums, but it feels like he's got a ways to go. Poor guy. He likes to bite of fabrics and anything hard. Sofie the Giraffe has been put to work! I've also been occasionally using the Orajel teething tablets. A mother at MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) swore by teething tablets. I have tremendously cut down giving them to him on account that my man-friend swears against things to "weaken the body." I bet thats the only time Laken doesn't like Adrian.

He is still wearing 3-6 month clothing, some stuff newborn. He is a big baby, but maybe clothing companies just don't size things correctly??

He has been pulling up and holding onto things to stand. He has also been running in his jumper.

As much as i love seeing babies Laken's age doing all these extraordinary things… I am just fine with how amazing Laken is.

Now the pictures. Its been so long since i've posted, and I don't wanna drag this update on... so i'll keep it simple.

laken decided to run for office.

laken had a lunch date with all of beautiful "aunts."

starting hanging out and dating this handsome, smart guy Adrian.

mommy ran her first 5K

aunt laina turned 30! and she is fabulous!! is baby jojo!

our cousins tiffany and jessica joined in on the celebration!

laken was my handsome escort to chick night as i was dressed as audrey hepburn, which was amazing. the night - not the costume.

adrian has been completely wonderful with laken

my little dude dressed as a gnome for his first halloween!

and on the 6th Laken and I voted together!

I'm excited for the holidays and for what the future has in store of Laken and I. I hope to update more, but i feel like i say that all the time. so, we will see. "I only live my life one quarter mile at a time." psh...