Tuesday, January 31, 2012

keeping up

i haven't been keeping up with my blog, but have been dying to. the reason why (to both of those statements) is that i have been working on my shower. I have been wanting to post so many things about it and the stuff that i have made, but i am waiting because i don't want anyone to know about it until after it happens. my aunt and mother are throwing my shower but gave me the honor of decorating and doing all that sort of stuff because that is what I LOVE TO DO. I have been having such a great time, and have been real happy and excited. of course i don't really ever have consecutive time work on this project, but spread out through last month of january i have gotten pretty much everything done. here is just a sneak peak... its my invitation that i designed and sent out. i got the idea off of etsy, and i have taken it and ran with it throughout the ENTIRE shower, as well as some of my personal touches. a massive post will come soon after the shower. the picture with the sono was an insert and on the back it explains my "theme" or lack of one.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

first pillow pet

pillow pets are a really big thing in my lewis family. i think they keep getting worse and worse looking! (I AM VERY PICKY!) i think it has to do with me being an unofficial designer. (haven't finished school). well... i decided to buy this one yesterday because it is soft, can go in the living room, and is black and white. baby's eyes respond better to black and white when they're just born. i like this one cause it has a little mohawk of a mane, and limbs to drag him by. i can't wait til laken meets his first little pillow pet.


alright.. it is scary how much fun i am having nesting!
i finally finally finally ordered my duvet cover that i have been drooling over for the past month! i also ordered the fabric for baby laken's crib blanket to coordinate. the duvet cover is from urban outfitters, the reviews said that the white is more an off-white color and the yellow is more mustard. sounded perfect to me. i wasn't going to order the shams, being they're $30 more, but i would hate to have a half-ass bedroom set. go big or go home, right? i can't wait to get baby lake's fabric so i can by the backing and the trim. i will scream if i get a baby blanket with those knots on them and the babies name or initials. i, hate, those, blankets! (and for good reason... when you sleep on a knot, it hurts, and they're ridiculously boring to make. i have made 3 for other people. two as shower gifts, and one as a horrible valentines gift for 6 foot 5 man!! they also remind me of those horrible flip flops the cheerleading girls would wear. i think that cut and tie deal is just not my thing. but my family loves them. oh the dread.) anyhow.. i can't wait to get the fabric in and bust out my sewing machine and get to making!! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Deer painting

i have never lived with a guy, ever. never wanted to, not unless i was married. well i did, and when i did... i had to make sure that our home was gender nuetral. well, i bought stuff that was antique that i found to be alright pieces, but now that i am out of that relationship... i want everything that relates to it.. GONE! Green has always been my color, but i needed a CHANGE! i have welcomed the color blue into my life a couple months ago by introducing it to my bathroom... it was the funniest thing i had done to my "homes" in a long time! So i did it for my living room. Its still a work in progress, but here is the "statement" piece i have made for behind the couch. its 30x40 inches. I took pictures to show how i did it, very simple. it started with a small image online that i blew up and printed on 5 sheets of 11x17 paper.


I have been in love with the "little baby garvin" blog. i found her off of pinterest and fell instantly in love with her beautiful chalkboard. i have always wanted to buy chalkboard paint and paint a wall or a door like my cousin tiffany had done to one of her old apartments. well her beautiful chalk board (which counts the weeks of her pregnancy) made me go out one day this last week to goodwill and buy and old picture and the paint from lowes. although i have been a little too busy to actually write on the chalkboard.. i am really glad i made one!! :) (the flowers i found on a different blog... i used felt and burlap.) I painted the frame a brighter shade of grey and totally covered up someone's hard work. i felt bad, but... i wanted a chalkboard!

yes, i know..

i know i am suppose to wait until after the shower to buy things for my son, but when i was shopping for everyone else... i just had to get stuff for the little bun in the oven. mister spoiled.

Christmas 2011

I realized I didn't post anything about christmas... so i put together a quick little picture with some of the pictures that were taken from my phone. (its like a bootleg walmart card).

from top to bottom left to right:
the first picture is the picture of the cookies i left out for marty. my mother baked stuff and i baked some pies... that was suppose to keep marty (my brother) away from the sweets when he got in after a night of drinking. well... marty didn't get to eat the cookies because santa came before him. what a guy. the next picture is pictures of byson and tyler (my little cousin's) stockings. they just barely moved, and their stockings were in storage. the day before christmas my aunt asked if i would use puff paints to add their names to them so that santa would know which one was which. as anti puff paint as i am... we found some felt that was laying around the house (my maw maw's house, not mine) and some pom pom balls. (my cousin bought them the year before for "ugly christmas sweaters") so thats what i came up with. i wasn't impressed, but my little cousins loved loved them and that just made me oh so happy. next picture is of me and my little cousin taylor. she's so adorable. the next is a shot of my new ornimate "it's a boy" for my son Laken. :) lastly is a picture i took for my parents... aren't they cute. they put that on a card and sent them out. I love it, and them! those are their dogs, ace & deuce.

i hope everyone had a merry christmas!
maybe next year i'll have a better camera and i can make a legit post!